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Read this before sending anything (money or otherwise) to Japan!


My blog post about the earthquake

A massive 8.9/9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of North-East Japan at around 2:46pm on March 11 (JST) causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami. The death toll so far is around 12000, estimated to be far higher. Thousands are missing. More aftershocks are happening. Nuclear reactors are at risk of meltdown.

My first priority here is not to obsess over images of disaster, as you can see them anywhere. They will fill your heart with sadness. Of course, the world should see them and should know what is happening in Japan, but breaking your heart over and over again with the terrifying images and heart-wrenching stories will only increase your sense of agony and frustration as you wish that you could help. So, I intend to focus on ways in which we can help, and some useful links.


How you can help

Google's list of useful links

Donate time:

This website - Foreign Volunteers Japan - has the best selection of links and groups who are accepting volunteers

Dog Bless You - For every "like" of this page, the organisation will donate $1 towards sending search and rescue dogs to disaster affected areas

Couchsurfing - Offer a place to stay for those who have been made homeless by the disaster

BabelVerse - If you speak Japanese and English, volunteer to interpret during the crisis!!

Second Harvest - Send food, volunteer in soup kitchens, run a food drive!
Doctors Without Borders - if you're a qualified doctor or nurse, we need you!! You can also donate

Donate money:

Charity Navigator - Things to consider before donating anything

The FBI's tips on avoiding fraudulent charity schemes

Buy this track - proceeds go towards disaster relief

The Red Cross - donate!

Lady Gaga's "Pray for Japan" bracelets - proceeds go to help!

Save The Children - donate to help over 10,000 displaced children

Earthquake information: - Hamamatsu City's guide on preparing for earthquakes - also from Hamamatsu city - "what to do if an earthquake occurs"

Keep up to date with BBC News