Sunday, 7 November 2010

Make Your Own Monster!

So, Halloween was last week, and I decided to get my first year JHS stud
ents (aged 12-13) to exercise some English grammar by creating, and writing about, their own monsters. Admittedly I was inspired by my friend Jenny's Pokémon battles, the results of which were being put on Facebook, and the "make your own monster" idea was borrowed from various ESL websites. Still, I thought that it would be fun to see what my students had to offer in the way of creativity. I was not disappointed!

Here are some of their creations:

"This is Dream Eater. He is white. He eats bad dreams. He doesn't eat good dreams. He speaks English. He likes children. His favorite children are small children. He lives in a box."

"This is Tomato Bear. He is white. He eats tomato juice. He doesn't eat man. He speaks Japanese. He likes capes. He flies. He has no legs. He lives in Tomato country."

"This is Mojaman. He doesn't have a body. He has big ears. He has wonderful hair. He has thick eyebrows. He is Superman. He is very cool. He likes children. He eats sushi and tomato."

"This is Okusan. He has slim body. He doesn't have teeth. He likes throwing banana. He enjoys committing murder. He likes a microwave oven. He lives in a clarinet. He joins life insurance. He likes salt."

"This is ___. She is black and pink. She eats sweets and nothing else. She likes cooking, she has cooking items. She speaks German and Japanese. She likes music. She doesn't like blood. She has cat ears. She doesn't have a left eye. She sleeps under your bed. She can into a doll."

"This is black Kitty. She likes human arms and legs. She walks pigeon-toed. She likes marathon. She lives in Cambodia. She likes money and women."

There are a LOAD more, but those are some my select choices!


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