Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New pages!

Hey guys - I'm not sure if you will notice, but I have added some new pages to this blog!

We have the old "Help Japan" page, full of information about volunteering and donating to help the earthquake/tsunami victims. I added an "About Me" page for a lovely bit of self-indulgence, although it's more about my journey and how I came to be teaching English in Japan. The latest addition is "Live, Work and Teach in Japan" - a comprehensive FAQ in which I try to answer questions from imaginary people. The questions are based on things I've seen often asked in forums, as well as things that various people have asked me in the past. I hope that it's helpful!

Just look up and click the buttons on the bar... click "Home" to return to the main blog. I'm sure you could have worked that out for yourselves, but hey.


  1. I've just read through the Live, Work and Teach in Japan. Thank you so much for your advice! Every little bit helps at the moment, I'm on exchange and (though I have to go back to complete my degree) I'm even more determined now to come back- and I somehow didn't know about Interac before now . .

    As an aside, I did notice there is a part where I think you meant to write 'a human tape recorder,' but have written something quite different . . ^^;

  2. WHOA, that had to be a Freudian slip.... thank you!! I should just hire you to be my proof reader, haha. *Slips into embarrassed coccoon*.... let's hope that slips under the archive radar and nobody ever asks about it.

    Good luck, anyway! When do you finish your degree? :)

  3. No worries! :D I'll finish my degree at the end of this year- mostly because my university seems to promote JET, that was what I had my eye on- but it's such a long application process and coming here and having to leave so soon has made me awfully impatient! I'll have a lot to decide on when I return home.