Thursday, 7 July 2011

A load of pictures of food

 Not so many words today, just a bunch of photos of things I've eaten in Japan. As you can see, my diet is not very "Japanese" ;)... enjoy!

Tricolour Enchiladas at Las Chillonas, Hamamatsu

Huge Matcha Parfait at Cat's Cafe, Hamamatsu

Awesome burgers at Vintage Vanguard, Yokohama Station

Hashed beef with crab cream croquets at CocoIchiban

Sushi rolls at Sushiro

Taco rice with guacamole and chilli chips, my house

Okonomiyaki at some restaurant, Hamamatsu

Strawberry and cream shaved ice on Hachijojima

Mexican bell pepper at (the now closed) El Techo

Awesome pineapple rice dish at a Thai place in Moriyama

Best katsudon ever in Nikko

Cakes at Coco's, Kakegawa

Tempura Katsudon at a restaurant in Kakegawa

Takoyaki? No, chocolate ice cream balls in Kyoto

Pizza at Cat's Cafe, Nagoya

Curry dish at Roba No Mimi, Hamamatsu

Cream cheese and avocado fritters in Osaka

Avocado and tuna catepillar, Alice in Wonderland restaurant, Shinjuku

Mexican salad served in a crispy bowl, somewhere in Roppongi

Well, all that has made me very hungry. Off I go to make some curry!

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