Monday, 5 March 2012

A New Direction

Hey there!

So, I have decided to finally pursue something that's been important to me for a long time... making the world a better place. Maybe I can't cure any diseases or stop war (yet), but what I know I can do is make people happier by helping them to focus.

What am I talking about? Well, I was always the person who people came to advice. I studied Psychology, volunteered with counselling services and even completed a certification in counselling. My plan had always been to start my own business using these skills in some way, but after taking a weekend taster in Life Coaching, I got a good feeling that this was something I wanted to do.

Don't get me wrong - I love teaching, and I'll still do it to make ends meet! And, of course, I try to incorporate compassion and good listening into my teaching anyway. But I need to help people change and grow, while I experiment with what makes me really happy, too. Japan was an amazing, amazing way for me to learn about myself and the world, become stronger and more open-minded and just really grow. I'll never stop travelling, and will never stop encouraging others to follow their dreams and get out there, too.

You can now find me at Make Life Magic: Blog! and Find your Magic Life Coaching- where I hope to bring useful tips for making life a little bit more awesome. Sometimes it'll be ways to help you manage your time, alleviate stress and relax. Sometimes there'll be tips for starting your own business, and sometimes there'll just be wonderful recipes (because you are what you eat - so eat great things!). As well as asking probing and encouraging questions, as a life coach I will try to load you up with the most useful resources that I can find! 

So, for regular bits of inspiration, advice and magic, head over to my other blog. You can also subscribe to my lovely newsletter - full of even more tips, links to products and websites that you might not know about, and special offers! I'll love you forever if you do. Also, if your own life is in a bit of a spin and you need some direction, don't hesitate to email me - it doesn't matter where you are, as Skype sessions are very effective too!

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