Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The "Things I'll Miss" post...

Well, here it goes. It seems to be a popular trend on our blogroll (which I am loving a lot, by the way) at the moment to discuss the things we'll miss about home once we're in Japan.

There are many things I will miss, of course, but I'll try narrowing it down!

1) My friends and family - of course. Here are some photos that I'm sure I will be blu-tacking to my walls at some point.

So that's Hermione, Stu (my boyfriend), Alwen, and of course the wonderful Panto people who fill my social life with wonder. Not pictured are many other people who I shall miss, they know who they are (I hope) - Flora, Hollie, friends from Wales, friends from Red Dwarf... I am also going to miss my parents, grandparents, my brother... but ah, the wonders of modern technology. I shall still be on MSN and Facebook a lot of the time, I hope, and I'm teaching my parents to use MSN so that they can talk to me with microphones and the webcam!!

2) A good cup of tea - I'm with Jennie on this one!I have yet to find anywhere outside of the U.K. where I can enjoy the true satisfaction of a decent cup of tea. I say cup... I mean massive mug. The picture is for stereotyping only. I'm sure there will be similar tea (kocha!) but it's never quite the same. I shall bring a supply of Tetleys but they might not last very long.

3) Tramping around in my slacks ...for want of a better term! I quite like leave the house in a massive jumper and torn jeans wearing no make-up, my hair resembling some kind of nest. I am told that the Japanese are quite keen on presentation and etiquette. So, I will have to brush up my appearance, and probably spend a lot less time in Primark T-shirts. I suppose I'll miss general laziness, in a way, but I'm never somebody who can sit still!

Other than that... you know... I don't think there's much else!!! There will be Karaoke in Japan (obviously)... the weather may be better (give or take the odd earthquake, typhoon, tsunami etc)... public transport will be more reliable... the food will be better... and there won't be any chavs! Sorry, British folk. I'm sure I will return with "things I DO miss" at some point, but for now, I feel as if I'm upgrading :)


  1. lol! I love the pictures your chose. You can still laze about in your t-shirts... you will be a foreigner after all (cultural differences!) ;)

  2. I get the feeling you're going to become fond of the Purikura booths in Japanese arcades. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

  3. Heheh. I am aware of Purikura. They had similar things in arcades here... I used to love them!!!

  4. Don't worry.. I'll be sending you regular aid parcels with tea and anything else you miss from home - except maybe Asda stuffed crust pizza - could be a bit messy!

    If you're really nice to me I may even let you take my Rugrats mug! ;)

  5. If we meet I'll show you a store that sells loads of "foreign" tea. Hopefully it will cheer you up when it's "typhoon" season.

    ...Typhoon. Tea. Get it? *sigh*

  6. friends from Red Dwarf...?

    If you're a secret friend of Chris Barrie and haven't told me I'll be very disappointed!